Stay connected to Genesis! Our fellowships give you the opportunity to discover your gifts, share your knowledge and gain new insights.

Children’s Church


Men’s Ministry-

Men of Genesis, is a life- impacting ministry focusing on the transformation of a man’s heart. Our purpose is to engage men in biblical principles through a variety of methods to strengthen their relationship with Christ and their families while living victorious lives as Kingdom men.

Treasures Women’s Ministry –

Most often, women tend to challenge many walks in life without ever realizing the many gifts and treasures that are stored within. Treasures Women Ministry’s is a place for women to connect, share, be inspired and be equipped while developing a purposeful and awarding life with Christ Jesus. No matter what your age or challenge in life, we have a place for you. Come join us!

Teen Ministry-G-Life-

Genesis Teen Ministry, “G-Life” encompasses bible-based teachings and real-life experiences to empower students to become followers of Jesus-Christ while becoming aware of personal gifts and talents, serving with others and connecting with the world around them.

Children’s Ministry- G-Fusion

Genesis Children Ministry, “G-Fusion” combines bible teachings along with age appropriate games and activities to foster an atmosphere for children to learn about Jesus Christ.